Monday, August 2, 2010

Steak Tips On Grill The Easy Way

Tonight is going to be a meat night. After lots of fish and chicken, sometimes one just enjoys a meat meal. During summer months, what is better than grilling some steak tips? Are you ready for this simple recipe? You will not be disappointed.

Prep: Purchase a good quality cut of meat for steak tips. If not labled at your supermarket, ask the butcher behind the counter to assist you. Have a cutting board used for meat, a sharp knife, a clean plate to bring steak tips to the outdoor grill and another clean plate to bring the cooked steak tips to your dinner table. You should also have a a grill brush, mesh grill rack, oiled or sprayed with olive/canola oil to keep the steak tips from sticking. Suggestion: if your steak tips come in strips, cut them into large cubes for quicker cooking. Don't forget a pair of tongs to turn your pieces of meat. An oven mitt is helpful as well.

Grilling: You do not need to season or marinate good cuts of meat. Do not even salt them first because they will loose their juice. After preheating your grill, using your grill brush to clean the grill, lower temp so meat does not burn. Put the mesh grill with the meat on the heated grill. Turn the pieces of meat when you have them cooked to your liking.

Serving: After the cooked meat is put onto a clean plate, sprinkle some Kosher salt and pepper, let the meat rest on the plate for a few minutes before eating. Cover lightly with foil. This resting time allows for the meat juices to redistribute back into the cooked meat. While the meat is resting, prepare a tossed salad to go along with your steak tips. Additional steamed or grilled veggies is added nutrition to your meal. If you prepare enough steak tips and salad you then have another meal for the next day: cook once, eat twice!

Optional: If you desire to marinate your steak tips before cooking, put the meat cubes in a large plastic food bag and add: olive oil, redwine vinegar, Worcestshire Sauce, Kosher salt and crushed pepper. Some people like to add ketchup also. Dried herbs can be added such as Tarragon and Rosemary. Close the plastic food bag after all ingredients are sealed inside and shake/turn the bag to distribute the marinade. Put the bag into the refrigerator for 15-20 min. Drain and put the cubed steak tips on a plate ready to bring to your grill. Follow grilling instructions above.

You will be amazed at the taste of good cuts of meat grilled in this simple way. No need to dump lots of sauce on them. The true flavor of the grilled steak tips will be pleasing to your palate, I am sure.



  1. I love that you recognize that you don't need to season or marinade good cuts of meat! It is so true and I wish more people knew that.

    xoxo Food Girl


  2. Glad we are on the same page :)
    It is all about quality for the taste!!!
    Thanks for the msg.
    Happy Cooking
    The Souper