Monday, June 20, 2011

Goat Cheese Chip Sandwiches

Goat Cheese Chip Sandwiches

How simple is this crunchy, creamy snack or appetizer? Aren't they cute?
After a weekend of entertaining, I found myself left with a bag of my favorite chips/crackers and goat cheese. It took less than one minute to place some goat cheese directly onto the chip and top it with another chip. Dipping the chip into the goat cheese would result in breaking the chip therefore leaving a messy, crumble in the goat cheese.

If you want a totally satisfying snack for yourself, your kids or for a tray of appetizers to serve guests, this is the no bake, no cook, no fuss solution for your tastebuds.
Option Mix goat cheese with cream cheese for a little different flavor.

My chip/cracker of choice is from the collection of Food Should Taste Good, called Multigrain. This is a gluten-free chip that has many healthy grains creating a hearty, satisfying flavor.

My favorite goat cheese is Chavrie, also gluten-free.

Food Should Taste Good Chips - Multigrain
Chavrie Goat Cheese
Option: mix goat cheese with cream cheese

Spread some goat cheese onto one chip.
Put another chip on top of the goat cheese.
Press gently to make a chip sandwich.


  1. I haven't seen those type of chips around, well to be honest I try to stay away from that isle at the grocery store.
    These goat cheese sandwiches are so cute, sounds pretty delicious too. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Roxana GreenGirl, The chips are gluten-free, therefore a wonderful treat for those following a GF diet. Everyone enjoys these tasty chips :)

    The Souper

  3. These are so cute! I have to pick up a bag of those chips!

  4. Hi Butrcreamblondi,

    Not only cute, but SO EASY. The blend of flavors from this combo cannot be beat. Enjoy.

    The Souper

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    The Souper