Thursday, May 19, 2011

Turkey Cutlets - fresh, thin with Panko Crumb Coating

Turkey Cutlets - fresh, thin with Panko Crumb Coating

Another surprise from Plainville Farms poultry products. No, I am not being paid to mention these products. I happened upon my first split-breast, fresh turkey breast at my local supermarket and raved about it in one of my blog posts recently. So when I went back to my supermarket to get another split-breast turkey breast they were featuring instead fresh, thinly sliced, turkey cutlets. These are packaged and just looked so inviting I had to purchase them.

My mind was racing with ideas for preparing these healthy poultry options. And now you can see how I cooked and presented my new favorite food. Oh, did I mention yet how quickly these little cuties cook up? It took about a minute or two on each side and...done.

I encourage you to see for yourself how fresh and easy-to-prepare these products are from Plainville Farms. Here is the link to the website:
A reminder on my poultry and meat personal qualities: No antibiotics, No growth hormones, only vegetarian fed and humanely raised.
Plainville Farms satisfies my fresh food quality standards.

One tip worth a mention for this recipe: Panko Crumbs brown much better and produce a nice crunch to the cooked cutlet. The Panko crumbs can stay firm during the frying at high heat. (A couple of turkey cutlets were prepared, but no photo) with a coating of white flour and they did not look good after frying nor did they taste as well as with the Panko crumbs.)

If you are calorie counting: a serving of fresh turkey (4 oz. or 112 g.) has 120 calories. Depending on how you prepare the turkey, depends on the calorie count.

Preparation time for this recipe is about ten minutes.
Cooking time for all the cutlets is about 15-20 minutes. (time depends on the size and count of the cutlets.)

Here is a photo of the ingredients used in this recipe mentioned:
List of Ingredients:
Eggs, three whole eggs
Water, one half cup of cold water
Kosher salt, one tablespoon
Panko Crumbs, four cups (approximately, depending on number of cutlets.)
Black pepper, crushed, enough to sprinkle a little bit on each cutlet,
so about one half of a tablespoon, again, depending on the number of cutlets.)
Oil, one quarter cup vegetable or canola oil to begin with; add a little more if frypan gets too dry during the cooking process or the cutlets.
Parsley, one quarter cup, chopped, of fresh flat-leaf parsley

What you will need:
One medium bowl
One large bowl
One large baking sheet
Parchment paper or waxed paper
One large fry pan
One pair of tongs
One serving platter

Photos during the preparation process:

The process:
In the medium bowl, mix the eggs with water and Kosher salt.
In the large bowl, put the Panko Crumbs and spread around.
Put each turkey cutlet into the egg mixture.
Put the egg-coated turkey cutlet into the Panko Crumbs and cover all over the cutlet.
Repeat with each cutlet:
Place coated cutlets on a lined baking sheet with either parchment paper or waxed paper.
Let the cutlets dry a bit before beginning the frying process.
Pour the oil into the large frying pan and turn heat under the frying pan up to medium high temperature.
Add the dried coated cutlets into the hot frying pan with the cooking oil.
Sprinkle a small amount of the crushed, black pepper while cutlets cook.
Let the cutlets brown on one side, then with the pair of tongs, turn the cutlets over to brown on the opposite side.
Cooking time is about two minutes per cutlet side. (time depends on the heat of the cooking oil.)
Do not burn the frying cutlets.
Place the cooked turkey cutlets on to a serving platter.
Sprinkle the chopped, fresh parsley on top of the cutlets before serving.


  1. Hi Raquel, thanks for dropping by :)

  2. I love the idea of turkey on a regular week night. Sometimes I find turkey tenderloins in the grocery and I always stock up. I'll have to look for these cutlets.

  3. Yes, Tracy, turkey without a lot of fuss is doable during the week or weekend. Without all the Turkey Day trimmings of the holiday, various cuts of turkey are easy to prepare. And turkey is a healthy protein without a lot of fat (omitting the skin, of course.)

  4. I love Panko bread crumbs. The texture is much better to me and can give a little crunch here and there depending on your preferred levele of crispiness. They also work great on chicken breast and shrimp if you butterfly them. I think I'm going to try to find the turkey cutlets and try this. They look delish!

  5. Hi my friend The Haute Host :)
    This is an incredibly quick/easy recipe and healthy too.
    Go to the website of Plainville Farms to see which markets/stores carry their products.
    These turkey cutlets are thin, so NO pounding a thick breast of poultry...:)

  6. I love cooking with panko, too. These look delicious and so easy! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Welcome Pip & Ebby, thanks for dropping by Prep2eat. Panko definitely makes this a crunchy cutlet. This recipe is truly easy, try it.

    The Souper

  8. I have never cooked with Panko (sad I know). But it looks awesome!

  9. Katrina, once you try the texture and flavor of Panko in your food, you will see what a great ingredient it is, especially for the crunch-factor.

  10. what a great way to use turkey!!! i have always wanted to find new ways to make turkey cutlets, DEF trying this one :) :)

  11. Hi Becka, you will not be disappointed with this turkey cutlet recipe, for sure :)

    The Souper